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#5 Caneel Bay

The quietest beach now that the Caneel Bay Resort is gone.  Enjoy the softest sand while you listen to the crashing waves.  Only accessible by boat.

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#52 The Bitter End                    Yacht Club

A bucket list stop for true sailors! Pull up to the Marina and head on down to the skippers lounge on the beach for a true dark and stormy!

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#24 Spear Lionfish

In the Virgin Islands Spearing lionfish is legal with a hawaiian sling.  An invasive species of fish in St. Thomas and St. John, we have to control the spread of these fish. 

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#17 Soggy Dollar

The Soggy Dollar Bar, Jost Van Dyke is a most stop in the BVI.  Watch boats come in and drop off the entertainment for the day.  Voted the best people watching beach in the BVI!

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#4 Water Island

Honeymoon Beach at Water Island is a local hangout.  With a white sand, Dinghies restaurant & bar, you will find it hard to not have a good time.  The biggest menu. 

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#31 Lobster Hunts

With Local water Knowledge from our captains, we can take you on an epic lobster hunt.  Once caught we will put them on ice to be cooked perfectly at Hook, Line, & Sinker!

Sea Turtle

#19 Maho Bay

Maho Bay, St. John is the best spot to see turtles.  White sand, calm water, and turtles everywhere. Maho bay is pristine because it is in the St. John National Park.


#32 Hans Lollik

Hans Lollik is a deserted island located to the north of St. Thomas.  Only accessible by boat or helicopter.  A true locals spot.  Not always possible to get there because of north swell.

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#20 Pizza Pi

Pizza Pi located at Christmas Cove off of Great St. James.  Not only a unique experience, but the best pizza in the Virgin Islands.  The handmade pizza is paired nicely with a beer.


#40 Megans Bay Beach

Megans Beach has a beach bar and restaurant.  Boasting the biggest beach on St. Thomas, you will have no problem finding your on spot on the #1 rated beach on St. Thomas

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#6 White Bay

White Bay, Jost is the Disneyland for adults.  Soggy Dollar, Hendo's Hideout, Seddy's One Love, Ivan's Stress Free Just to name a few of the bars on the white sand beach.  

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#16 Three Cannons

Three cannon reef is a must snorkel.  These cannons are not easy to find but with the right captain you'll be in the crosshairs!  Get your GoPro ready!

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#14 Multi day Charter

Island hop through the Virgin Islands. Have your meals prepared by a private chef everyday. Wake up in a new place Everyday. Have the Best vacay EVERYDAY!

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#10 Sand Spit

Sandy Spit, Jost Van Dyke, BVI is magical.  A short boat ride from Soggy Dollar and your on your own private island.  Go early and stay late as you enjoy a PAINKILLER.


#13 The Willy T

The Willy T is located on Norman Island. A world famous bar and restaurant.  What ever you do don't jump off the top deck?!?!  The British Virgin Islands.

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#1 Cinnamon Bay Beach

Cinnamon Bay, St. John.  The best beach on St. John.  The biggest Beach on St. John.  By far the most untouched beach per square inch.  Boasting great snorkeling and the #1 beach. 

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#25 Dolphins!

Dolphins are not always on the itinerary, but when they show up it is magical! Nothing quite compares to swimming with them in this crystal clear caribbean water!


#8 Botany Bay

During the summer, the rocky shore of Botany Bay turns into the best sandy beach anywhere! No crowds, basically your own private beach.  Flat calm waters allow for this!


#22 Lime Out

Lime Out moored in the beautiful waters of Coral Bay.  A highlight of any boat trip.  Craft cocktails and specialty tacos, what's not to love! Tacos everday!

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#2 Saba Rock

Getting to Saba rock is not the shortest trip. It is the most rewarding trip.  A restaurant built on some rocks in the middle of North Sound, Virgin Gorda.  Get the mahi reuben!

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#101 Coki Beach

Coki Beach, If your looking for a true local flair there is no better beach then Coki.  Fresh fish on stand by are a staple of this island vibe beach!

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